The Power of Affirmation and Visualization – the Law of Attraction


I am so happy and grateful that I now lead a life full of abundance and joy.

I realize that I will have to work hard if I want to achieve success.

I will never get so busy making a living that I forget to live a life.

These are just 3 affirmations that I feel are important for anyone to enjoy a life filled with happiness.

What are affirmations though, and why are they important?

Well, strictly speaking an affirmation is “the action or process of affirming something.” But I believe affirmations hold a much deeper meaning.
If one were to practice the aforementioned affirmations on a daily basis, they would quickly find themselves beginning to develop particular habits. These habits would lead them in the direction of making the affirmations a reality.

You see, affirmations have a subconscious power that we are not particularly aware of until we realize our reality is now attached to the affirmations that we practiced. The more that you say something, the more you start to attract it into your life, whether you mean to or not.

For example, imagine you are talking to a friend about a BMW that you have been dying to buy. You talk about what it looks like, the specs, acceleration, and everything in between. From there, you start thinking about the car for the rest of the day.

bmw pic

All of a sudden, you actually see the car that you’ve been thinking about all day drive by. “How on Earth did that happen,” you ask yourself. The reason that you see the car is because your brain is actively paying attention to the idea of that particular car. Think about it. There are thousands of cars on the road that you pass by on a daily basis. You’re not paying attention to every single car that passes by; that would be information overload!

Instead, your brain picks and chooses things to pay attention to, based on what matters to you. That is why that particular car that you were thinking about all day stood out to you, because you were focusing on the idea of that car. This leads into the whole idea of the Law of Attraction.

What is the Law of Attraction?

Che Garman, an active blogger in the Affirmation niche, describes the Law of Attraction by the following process:

  1. Decide what you want and ask for it
  2. Affirm this desire in the present
  3. Visualize yourself owning it now
  4. Feel the positive feelings that this brings
  5. Believe that you will receive it
  6. Watch for and act on all inspiration received
  7. Give gratitude

By practicing the Law of Attraction, the Universe begins to give you the tools required to go out and get what you’re asking for. Che makes a really good point in talking about the Law of Attraction though. The law will work ONLY IF you actually take action with the tools that the universe gives you. The Universe will show you the way, but nothing will happen if you don’t put foot to path.

Here are a few examples of action-oriented affirmations that will help you attract what you desire:

Even if you are on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there. – Will Rogers

You can’t hire someone else to do your push-ups for you. – Jim Rohn

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. – Wayne Gretzky

Take action on your affirmations, and see them begin to become more of a reality with each passing day. If you practice them and do nothing, then nothing will happen.

Leading back into the connection between affirmations and the Law of Attraction, it is clear that if you affirm your desires, you will begin to attract them into your life. Bob Proctor, a renowned motivational public speaker, mentions that practicing affirmations are the key to unlocking the potential that lies within you. They set your mind up to go out and achieve all that you are capable of.

bob proctor

I challenge you to begin practicing affirmations on a daily basis. Write a few down that you think will benefit you in life. You may use the ones that I listed above, research some on the Internet, or come up with your own. Practice these affirmations each morning when you wake up. That way, you wake up with a clear vision of what you want to achieve, whether it is in the short or long-term.

I wish you happiness in success in all that you do in life.

To Your Success,

Euan Swan



I can’t do this.
Four words that you’ve probably told yourself more than you would like. When you say them, you feel like you really mean them though. You tell yourself, “I can’t do this,” so you actually believe that you can’t.
Here’s a story to demonstrate what I mean…
A few years ago I participated in a triathlon, thanks to some encouragement from friends and family, and not to mention a heck of a lot of self-belief. For a month and a half, I trained hard, almost every day, so that I was ready to give it my all when the big day came. It was the night before the triathlon and I went for one last run, to make sure that I was ready. I loaded up on carbs for dinner that night, so that I would have enough energy to burn in the morning. I went to bed, calm but excited knowing that all my training would be tested in the morning…
“Beep, beep, beep!” went my alarm. It was race day. I got up, had a bowl of oatmeal, and got ready to give it my all. I had put in a lot of hard work and I was going to make sure it was going to pay off. My family and I headed down to where the triathlon was starting.
The first event in the triathlon was a swim. Keep in mind, I didn’t feel as though swimming was my strong suit. During my training, I didn’t focus on it as much as I probably should have either. As we got to the race start, there were hundreds of other participants getting ready; preparing themselves mentally, physically, and doing whatever else they needed to in order to ready themselves. I got in the water and started doing the same.
5 minutes went by, then 10, then 15. I started getting nervous.
Was I ready to do this? Could I do this?
I had trained for a month and a half for this triathlon. I felt like I was ready, both physically and mentally; but was I really? I began to doubt what I was about to do. I started to think of all the things that could go wrong. Fear began to manifest…
I can’t do this.
I started to tell myself those four words. And then I started believing them.
Bam! A gunshot signaled the start of the race.
Before I knew it, I was off and swimming as fast as I could. Soon enough, I began to realize that I was actually doing it. I was doing what I set out to do: compete in a triathlon! Why did I ever doubt myself? I realized that there was no point of me telling myself that I could not do it, because it was only holding me back. I was doing it, and the only thing that could stop me was me.
Throughout the swim and for the rest of the triathlon, I kept telling myself that I could do it. I focused on those four words and before I knew it, the race was over. My friends and family congratulated me on completing the race and I was happy. I had not only finished my first triathlon, but I had conquered doubt.
Doubt holds many people back from believing in themselves. Some people tell themselves that they “can’t do this,” mainly because they are fearful. Whatever it is that they are fearful of is up in the air, but it is fear that drives many people to not believe in themselves. They don’t believe in themselves because they tell themselves that they can’t do it over and over again.


Soon, they begin to develop a habit, and whenever they approach whatever it is that they were doing that they told themselves they “can’t do” in the future, their immediate response is: “I can’t do this,” once again. They have ingrained a belief in their subconscious. A belief that they really can’t do it.
To change a belief that is triggered through doubt, you have to work, and work hard…
In order to overcome your self-doubt, there’s only one thing that you can do: do what I did when I was competing in my triathlon. Tell yourself over and over again that you can. Soon enough, you will start believing that you can. This practice has been around for centuries. The practice is called Affirmation.

Bob Proctor, a success coach, teaches affirmation and believes in its power. He says, “Affirmations are positive statements, which when given to your sub-conscious mind repetitively, have a tendency to alter old habits or old conditioning.” Tell yourself that you can, over and over again, and you will alter your old habit of believing that you cannot.
Try practicing affirmations on a daily basis and see where they take you. Through the power of affirmations, I was able to complete my first triathlon. Think of something that you want to do, but think you are not capable of.
Write it down.
Now go out and do it. Tell yourself that you can, over and over, and soon enough, you will be doing it. Keep in mind that you have to continuously tell yourself that you can do it though. As soon as doubt begins to creep in, it will quickly manifest itself into fear if you do not force it back out with another affirmation. Make sure that you do not allow doubt to creep in and soon you will be doing things that you thought you would never be doing.
Here’s to continuous improvement.
To Your Success,
Euan Swan