When I was growing up, I was always told; it’s what you know, not who you know. More recently, it has become increasingly apparent that you must know the right people in order to be successful. That is why it is incredibly important to network with people, as often as possible!

Whether or not that person is successful in what you intend to do is beside the point. Get out there, meet people, and you will soon discover that you have a vast network of people that you can tap into whenever you would like.

Just recently, I attended a seminar and networking event in Bloomington, Indiana in the United States. I went to the event due to an e-mail that I received from my entrepreneurship club at Indiana University. The seminar featured a key speaker who has influenced and continues to influence the tech industry, Tony Conrad.

Tony Conrad is the CEO & Founder of, a platform to express who you are. It is comparable to LinkedIn or Facebook; in so far as that your page describes you. What makes different is that unlike LinkedIn and Facebook, the network allows you to create a page about who you are, what your accomplishments are, and what you aim to achieve.

I feel as though LinkedIn focuses more on professionalism. Professionalism is good, but LinkedIn doesn’t really represent who we are, but rather, an image of who we want people to think we are.

The reason that I was fortunate enough to meet the Founder of the multi-million dollar company was due to my networking ability. If I hadn’t made the decision to join the entrepreneurship club at my university, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to meet Tony Conrad. Furthermore, if I hadn’t made the decision to actually attend the seminar, I wouldn’t have gained valuable knowledge from a multi-millionaire.

Tony is an incredible guy, and just by talking with him for a few minutes, I was able to create a networking contact that I can reach out to for advice whenever I need to.

In joining my entrepreneurship club, I have also had the opportunity to meet Scott Dorsey, the founder and ex-CEO of Exact Target, now owned by Exact Target started out as a small business in Indianapolis, grew into a billion dollar company that was traded on the stock market, and was then sold at a valuation of $2.7 billion to

Scott gave a talk at the Kelly School of Business, which was advertised through my entrepreneurship club. Again, if I had not reached out to the club, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to meet a man who raised his little baby, into a billion dollar baby!

Meeting Tony Conrad and Scott Dorsey was an exhilarating experience that gave me both the confidence and know-how in order to continue down my path to success. I’m not going to stop there though. I plan to continue to attend events where I have the opportunity to meet people who have “been there, and done that.”

I want to pick as many successful brains that I can, so that I may understand what obstacles I may face further down my path.

I challenge you to get out there and network on a daily basis. Network with successful people, network with less successful people. Either way, you’re creating a list of contacts that you can reach out to and leverage, when need be.

How do you plan to network today? Let me know in the comments down below.

To Your Success,




In my studies of successful people, I have found 5 things that these individuals do differently from ordinary people. These 5 things have allowed them to pick themselves up from where they were, and start on the path to where they are now. Successful people:

  1. Challenge the Status-Quo

In order to be successful, I believe that you have to challenge the status quo. If you take a different path than everyone else, then you will achieve different results. Whether or not those results will help you achieve success is a different matter entirely; but you have taken a path that no one else chose to take. You may have failed, but you learned what doesn’t work. Now you know not to make that mistake again, hence you have gained a bit of knowledge. In one of my previous posts, I talked briefly about failure and its importance. Fail, but fail quickly, and see yourself on your way to making your dreams a reality.

  1. Are consistent

Another interesting concept that I’ve picked up in my studies of successful individuals is their consistency. In order to be successful, you must be consistent. Look at Olympic athletes. These athletes train hours on end every single day. That is why they are able to perform at such a high level. If you could apply the same consistency to whatever it is you think might make you wealthy (in whatever terms you might describe), then chances are that you will be one step closer to achieving that success.

  1. Leverage their network

Successful people constantly leverage their network. That is why it is so important to build a strong network of individuals from different fields. These individuals will have knowledge that you might not be aware of, but since they are in your network, you may have the opportunity to learn from them. Do not try and learn everything by yourself. Network with other people, and you will find shortcuts on your journey to success.

  1. Are both learners AND educators

One thing that I have found that is incredibly fascinating about successful people is that they are both learners AND educators. They are learners due to the fact that they are constantly digesting new information and turning it into knowledge. If you ask any successful individual if they read, chances are that they read, and they read A LOT! Due to their high frequency of learning, successful people usually end up educating their newfound knowledge to students who choose to follow them. In turn, the students end up reciprocating the knowledge until it is passed around a community and becomes general knowledge. If you want to become successful, start reading more books about what you’re interested in, and start following leaders in whatever industry it is that you’re interested in.

  1. Are committed and fully believe in what they are doing

Above all else, successful people are committed to their success. As one of my favorite mentors, Darren Hardy, always says, “success can only be rented, and the rent is due every day.” He couldn’t be more right! In order to become successful, you have to work your butt off! In order to stay successful, you have to continue to do so. Successful people believe that what they are doing will continue to make them successful. They don’t care what other people have to say about what they are doing. Another one of my favorite mentors, Gary Vaynerchuk, is so focused on his mission that whenever someone throws some hate at him, he says it usually just flies right over his head.

So what can we learn from these 5 things that successful people do differently?

  1. Challenge the status quo and fail quickly!
  2. Be committed in whatever it is that you do.
  3. Have absolute belief that you will be successful, or you may as well give up already. Without belief, I promise you that you will fail.
  4. Be consistent in whatever it is that you do, or else you are guaranteed to fail in the long run.
  5. Leverage your network and you may see surprising results. Always be learning, but in turn, always be educating your peers

I hope that you took something away from today’s post, even if it’s just one short snippet of knowledge. Stay on the rise, and I promise that one day you WILL find the path that you were born to take. To Your Success, Euan Swan



Success is something that everyone wants to attain. Success is an idea that has gravitated our society towards working hard, in order to retire with enough income to do what we want with the rest of our lives. But what do we need to do in order to be successful?

I have compiled, what I believe, to be the 3 essential KEYS TO SUCCESS. These keys are based on a recent book I read by Mickey Maurer. The book is titled “10 Essential Principles of Entrepreneurship You Weren’t Taught In School.” I was fascinated by the book, and was actually lucky enough to meet the man in person. In the book, he focuses on 10 different principles, but I wanted to go further.

While meeting with Mickey, I asked him what were the 3 essential KEYS TO SUCCESS. He looked at me and said, “Wow, that’s a really broad question. Go read my book, and you’ll be able to find the ones that apply to you.” Now of course he just wanted to promote his book, but he also wanted to me to discover the keys that really APPLY to me. I was awestruck by his perspective. He thought that there are different success keys that apply to different people. That is so true. We are all different, therefore our own keys must fit into our own door to success.

Upon finishing the book, I discovered the three keys that really apply to me.

  1. Find a Mentor

Find a Mentor in the field that you desire to become successful in. Let him teach you how he got to where he is. Try to contact him or her on a weekly basis in order to gain insightful knowledge of the steps that you should be taking to get where they are.

Having a mentor is important because they are much further ahead than you are on your journey to success. They have failed, picked themselves up, failed again, and kept on moving forward. A mentor is aware of the potential challenges that you will face, and will advise you on the correct path to take in order to become successful.

  1. Read!

Try to read at least 30 minutes a day. I can’t stress enough how important this is. Reading engages the human mind, and when the mind is engaged, it learns. Read an article online about a topic you’re interested in. Read a book about a topic that you know nothing about. Either way, you are expanding your knowledge. Knowledge in the Information Economy that we now live in, is power. In order to be successful, you NEED to be powerful, so get reading!

  1. Be Humble

The most important of all of my 3 KEYS TO SUCCESS. Always be humble and never take ANYTHING for granted. Everything can be taken away from you, so remember that you are human, just like everyone else. Look at the Pharaohs of Egypt, or the Emperors of Rome; most of them thought they were Gods, and were assassinated. Why? Because they forgot to be humble; they thought they were invincible, and quickly learned they were actually mortal like the rest of us.

Have some humility. Be human and treat all your peers with respect, and they will return the favor.

Mickey taught me a lot, in meeting with him in person. He is a great guy and I recommend that you reach out to him and talk to him about success; I’m sure he would be more than happy to give you some tips. He is a busy guy though, so it may take him some time to respond.

My challenge for you today is to think about success and what it entails. What do you think are the 3 KEYS TO SUCCESS? Remember – success is different for everyone, so try to come up with keys that are different to the ones that I have listed.

To Your Success,

Euan Swan

“JUST DO IT.” – Nike


Just do it. The famous Nike slogan couldn’t have put it any better. Just go ahead and do it. What are you waiting for? Why are you busy making excuses, when you could be doing it? The only one who’s stopping you is you.

I used to make up a lot of excuses as to why I couldn’t do it, one of them being the fact that I thought I would fail. Fear, anxiety, what have you, fear got the best of me. It kept me from starting my first blog, letting the public know my opinions, and finally, carving out a path to make my dreams a reality. Fear gets the best of people, but what I have recently realized is that fear is nothing more than a challenge.

When you feel fear, you have two choices, rise to the challenge, or back down. I recently watched a Ted Talk talking about the subject. One thing that the speaker said really stuck with me. She said that when you begin to feel the emotion, rather than let it control you, harness its power. Take charge of the situation, and let it empower you. With this technique, she said that you could move mountains. I tried implementing the technique in some of my classes, and guess what, it worked! Ever since I’ve started using this technique, I always feel so much more confident when I’m giving presentations in front of all my classmates. Fear can control you, but in retrospect, you can actually control it, you just need focus.

Focus on the task at hand, and don’t let anything else into your mind. Once you focus, you don’t allow things like fear, anxiety, or paranoia enter your mind. You are clear to your purpose and confident that you will succeed. I have found that a lot of people find it hard to focus, and allow these negative emotions to control them. For those of you that are affected by anxiety, paranoia, or fear, I challenge you to focus on something. It can be a hobby, a project, or reading. I guarantee that the emotion will dissipate once you do.

Ever since I started on my journey to success, I would say focus has been one of my skills that I have been aspiring to perfect. The skill allows you to micromanage everything that you have planned for your day. For example, you could have 10 different things to get done, all by tomorrow. Now, without focus or confidence, you may think that such a task is incredibly daunting; and may succumb to procrastination, anxiety, or paranoia over getting it done. With focus, you don’t allow yourself to feel these emotions; you take charge of the situation, and make sure that you get everything done in a timely manner.

With focus, you can break down that daunting task into individual parts. Focus on each part, one at a time, and watch that unachievable feat become nothing more than cutting butter with a hot knife. Breaking the feat into individual parts allows you to get one thing done at a time, rather than try to do everything at once. Trying to do everything at once just seems like absolute chaos. Focus on one thing, put all your effort into it, finish it, and then move on, simple. Focus, and watch fear move out of the way.

Don’t allow fear to control your life. Unfortunately, it controls many lives, so much to the point that some people even take their lives because of it. This is very sad indeed. Yes, we are humans that are mostly controlled by our emotions, but it is true that we have a choice as to whether we let them dictate our life. With confidence and focus, I believe you really can control your emotions.

In the words of Will Smith, “Fear is not real. It is a product of thoughts you create. Do not misunderstand me. Danger is very real. But fear is a choice.” Will couldn’t have said it any better. Your thoughts control what you feel, how you act, and in turn, what you will do with your life. So I challenge you to do one thing, every day, that makes you step outside your comfort zone. Don’t go too far at first, but do something that makes you feel uncomfortable you feel uncomfortable. Trust me, it will feel so damn good after you do. Slowly start stepping more and more out your comfort zone, and I promise you, you will really see how good life can be.

To Your Success,

Euan Swan



Hello World!

A quick summary of me…

My name is Euan Swan. I am 19 years old and an incredibly enthusiastic entrepreneur! I am dedicated to bettering myself on a daily basis, whether that be mentally, emotionally, psychologically, or physically.

I created this blog…

Not only to share my personal growth as an entrepreneur, but to motivate you to do the same! I will be covering four different topics that I truly believe are the pillars to life. In order to become successful, you must first master all four of these pillars:

1. The Self

2. Health

3. Emotion

4. Wealth

Each pillar has its own section on the blog. Within each section, there are posts that apply….

I look forward to building strong relationships through this blog, and hope to see a cohesive community form.

To Your Success,

Euan Swan