The importance of knowing “yourself” in a job interview is so often overlooked that many college graduates who are scrambling for jobs after college graduation are confused as to why they don’t have one in the first place. In my experience in interviewing and receiving an internship at a Fortune 500 Company this past summer, the most important thing that I learned was that it’s so important to know “yourself.”

If you be who you are, then your work colleagues will respect you. They will respect you because you’re not trying to be somebody that you’re not; you’re just being yourself. So how do you actually begin to know yourself, therefore be yourself when the time comes for that crucial job interview?

All those career-planning and preparation courses that you took in high school or college may have seemed like a pointless waste of time (they did to me at the time), but I have only now begun to understand how important they actually are. These courses help you develop a sense of who you are as a professional. The classes teach you how to find out what your strengths and weaknesses are and how to communicate them to potential employers.

Recently, I completed a mock interview as a sort of “final exam” in one of these career preparation classes. After clearly articulating who I am and what I could bring to the table for the “job” I was interviewing for, my mock interviewer was very impressed with the way that I presented myself. She was impressed with me because I knew exactly who I was and what I wanted to accomplish. Nothing more will impress a potential employer.

If you don’t know who you really are and are only pretending to be somebody that you want to be, then a potential employer will see right through you. Anyone can say that they have X strength or Y weakness, but unless you can actually prove it, then you’re not fooling anybody. Understand who you are, make sure that your potential employer understands who you are, and they will respect you even if you don’t end up getting the job that you applied for.

What do you think of today’s article? Do you agree that really knowing “yourself” will increase your chances of getting hired after a job interview? Let me know in the comments down below.

To Your Success,

Euan Swan

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